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Composite bonding and composite edge bonding are two processes that use composite material to bond, reshape, rebuild, or fill damaged teeth. Bonding is a very simple cosmetic procedure, but it also has a huge amount of potential for different kinds of repairs. For smaller repairs, composite edge bonding can be used at the edges of the tooth, changing the shape but not covering the complete surface.

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What is the treatment process?

The treatment itself is very simple, and it can normally be done in just one simple appointment with your dentist. It requires your dentist to first match the colour of the composite resin with the rest of your teeth. This will ensure that the smile will be consistent and look as natural as possible.

The surface of the tooth will then be roughened and coated with a bonding agent, on which the resin will adhere to. The resin will then be placed on to the area required and moulded into the correct shape. The finishing touches will consist of curing the composite resin and refining the tooth further.

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Why would I need composite bonding?

What makes composite bonding such a requested treatment for many patients is its effectiveness for resolving a variety of cosmetic dental issues. There are alternatives out there, such as veneers and crowns, but composite bonding can benefit patients because it is a much simpler and much more cost-effective solution to those other treatments.

A patient may want to look more into composite bonding if they are struggling with chipped teeth, fractures, or other cosmetic improvement to the teeth. It is likely, if the damage is minor and easily fixed, that your dentist will recommend this treatment over more expensive treatments.

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