Your dentist in Shrewsbury

These days everyone is busy and fitting in ‘something else’, even if it’s health related, can be difficult. If you’ve ever considered teeth straightening with Invisalign Clear Aligners but have been put off the treatment because of frequent maintenance visits to your dentist then we have the solution!

At the Priory Dental Practice in Aldridge and Monkmoor Dental Practice in Shrewsbury we are now offering DentalMonitoring, a treatment and communication app for patients and dentists. We can now monitor your treatment and assess photos of your moving teeth remotely. You can communicate with your dentist securely and from the comfort of your home — or anywhere in the world!

Using the DentalMonitoring app means you can enjoy the benefits, and more importantly the results, of orthodontic treatment without regular visits to the practice. This new technology enables our orthodontist to communicate directly with the patient. We can make sure your teeth are moving as they should, saving you time but still giving you peace of mind that we are keeping a watchful eye on your treatment.

If you are straightening your teeth with Invisalign Clear Aligners we can view your treatment progress using the DentalMonitoring app. We are really excited about this technology and believe that it will enhance your teeth straightening journey. Just check the app for updates on your treatment, or simply view your progress using the photo time lapse.

We can show you a realistic smile simulation at the start of your treatment using DentalMontoring and you can visualise just how great your teeth will look. The app itself is simple to use and we will tell you everything you need to know about using it and getting the most from it.

We will show you how to take photos of your teeth and how to upload and submit them. Once we receive your uploaded images, we can make sure your teeth are moving in line with your treatment plan. We will continue to track your progress and schedule face to face appointments via the app when it is necessary.

Even when your treatment is complete and you are maintaining your smile with a retainer, you can still check in with us using the app.

Our practice understands that we have a responsibility to protect and respect your privacy and look after your personal data. The DentalMonitoring app is fully compliant with GDPR, and your data and images are safe.

If you’re interested in finding out more about teeth straightening with Invisalign Clear Aligners, and how the DentalMonitoring app can help you achieve the smile you want, then contact us today.