Your dentist in Shrewsbury

General Dentistry in Shrewsbury

Our dental examinations are extensive and thorough, allowing us to determine the true level of your oral health. As well as conducting a thorough check. Our Dentists will ask you about any current dental problems you may be experiencing, and you'll have the opportunity to discuss your smile aspirations.

Children's Dentistry

Your children’s teeth are just as susceptible to decay and other problems as adults’ teeth are. We feel it is important to show your children how to care for their teeth from an early age, so they can enjoy having healthy teeth for life. Seeing a dentist regularly is very important. Once they have their own teeth, we need to see them regularly for their own check-ups so we can keep a close eye on how their teeth are developing, and spot any potential issues early on. We can also advise on other issues such as orthodontics (tooth straightening)

Wisdom Teeth

If you have advanced tooth decay or an impacted wisdom tooth, you may require oral surgery to have them safely extracted. Dentists have the right equipment and sterile environment in which to perform this type of procedure with the utmost care and your recovery can be fairly quick.

Sports Mouth Guards

If you are involved in any contact sport we highly recommend you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth from damage or from being knocked out. A good-fitting mouth guard is important if you wear braces, have fixed anterior bridgework or simply want to protect your teeth / smile from potential trauma.The most effective type of mouth guard is one that is tailor-made and individualised to you.

Not sure which treatment is right for you?

Why not book a consultation with the our dental team? We can discuss your goals and advise you on which of our fantastic treatments will best meet your needs and be most clinically suitable.